Sensory Motor Skill Quiz


“Does Your Child Have Any Of These Sensory Motor Skill Problems?”


Use this professionally created checklist to identify problems in your child.

Please tick any and all boxes that apply to your child.

1) A history of poor sleeping and difficulty falling asleep
2) Late to sit, crawl or walk
3) Clumsy, tends to fall over their own feet
4) Often bumps into objects, has many bruises
5) Avoids physical activity
6) Avoids unfamiliar playground equipment
7) Uses excessive pressure when holding a pencil or crayon
8) Has difficulty using a knife and fork
9) Difficulty with chewing meat or other chewy food
10) Poor articulation when talking
11) Has difficulty sucking through a straw
12) Looks clumsy when running and/or swimming
13) Confuses left and right
14) Slow to learn dancing or other movement routines
15) Avoids activities when other kids are running and enjoying themselves
16) Has a clumsy pencil grip
17) Difficulty sitting still at a table (meal times and/or when doing homework)
18) Prefers to lie down when watching TV
19) Very active and “on the go”
20) Has difficulty following routines (such as getting ready for school or outings)
21) Needs prompting to complete tasks and chores
22) Has or had difficulty learning to count and/or the alphabet
23) Poor sentence construction when talking and writing
24) Difficulty constructing blocks or Lego by following a design or plan
25) Poor attention
26) Difficulty following verbal directions
27) Doesn’t like to stand in lines, complains or disturbs others
28) Is often tired
29) Prefers to be passive
30) Poor safety awareness (e.g. Will climb up and jump off objects that aren’t safe)

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