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Are You Worried Your Child Is Getting Left Behind?


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These IMPORTANT Stories That Will Help Your Child.

If you’ve noticed your child has issues with behaviour, involvement in play and school work, sport or even hand writing – then they may be suffering from sensory motor skills problems.

This exclusive book outlines real stories – direct from my consulting room – of children from all age groups and the problems they bravely faced when confronted with sensory motor skill issues.

If you’re worried that your child might be affected, but aren’t sure how to identify specific problems read on….

These 10 chapters will show you just how much impact these important skills make on your child’s life, functioning and happiness.

Whether they’re an infant, teenager, or anywhere in between – the stories in this book will allow you to see if your child isn’t keeping up with their peers.

So don’t delay any longer – enter your information in the box to the right to help your child now.

Written by Marga Grey

Edited by Dimi Stathopoulos