Simple And Fun Way To Improve Your Childs Motor Skills For Life

Perfect for busy families…and children of any age!
These simple, yet proven exercises will transform
your child’s abilities, boosting their confidence
and self esteem!”

Fun, Effective & Proven Way To Help Correct Your Child’s Sensory Motor Skills Problems!

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How Do You Know If Your
Child Has Sensory Motor Skills Problems?

You May Have Noticed Your Child:

  • Is always on the go, seldom sits still OR engages in less than one hour of physical activity a day
  • Spends more than one hour a day watching TV, on the computer, or playing video games
  • Prefers processed food over fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Is always moving, fidgeting, looking around and/or talking
  • Has trouble focusing and completing given tasks in the required timeframes
  • Exhibits frequent tantrums and emotional meltdowns
  • Tends to be always running and jumping, and finds it difficult to sit in one position
  • Has problems and is falling behind in certain areas at school
  • Is clumsy, uncoordinated, and often falls or bumps into things
  • Finds it difficult to sit still and pay attention (e.g. to finish dinner/complete home work)
  • Avoids specific movements or exercises
  • Displays “Clowning” behaviour when involved in physical exercises

Additionally, Teachers Might Be Saying Your Child Exhibits Problems With:

  • Concentration
  • Attention
  • Hand writing
  • Working memory
  • Coordination
  • Social skills
  • Sport skills/physical education
  • Distractibility
  • Fidgeting
  • Slow work speed
  • Clumsiness
  • Dyspraxia
  • Organisation and planning
  • Listening
  • Following instructions
  • The ability to sit still and complete a task

What are Sensory Motor Skills?

Sensory Motor Skills are products of our central nervous system. Specifically they are the relationship between our sensory skills (seeing, hearing, and touching) and motor skills (muscles and their movement).

Ideally, our motor skills take the information our senses receive and process it into an appropriate action. These skills are very important in childhood development.

To explain it simply, when someone has poor Sensory Motor Skills they misinterpret or have a hard time connecting everyday sensory information with the motor skills required. This may lead to them feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or exhibiting strong emotional behaviours (sometimes described as ‘melt downs’).

What Causes Sensory Motor Skills Problems?

First of all it’s important to know you cannot cause Sensory Motor Skills problems. Many parents question, “What did I do wrong when my child was younger?” And the answer is: you did nothing wrong.

It’s not uncommon for children to experience Sensory Motor Skills problems. In fact, Sensory Processing Disorder (the umbrella that Sensory Motor Skills problems fall under) is a complex neurological condition that affects 1 in 20 children.

Problems with Sensory Motor Skills occur when the brain and central nervous system have breakdowns in transmitting messages throughout the body.

Many people on the Autism Spectrum struggle with their Sensory Motor Skills.

CoordiChild Fits Even The Busiest Schedule! And Best Of All, Kids Love The Exercises!

What You Can Do To Help Your Child Overcome
Their Sensory Motor Skills Problems?

Occupational therapy produces truly fantastic results and many parents bring their children to weekly visits with their practitioner (which the kids love because they have so much fun doing the activities!).

However stretched finances and hectic schedules can be a concern for families. That’s why the CoordiChild program is the ideal solution, because it’s done at home with common household items. Plus at only 15 minutes a day…

How Does The CoordiChild Program Improve Sensory Motor Skills?

To Put It Simply: CoordiChild Moves Through The Developmental Phases Needed To Encourage Your Child’s Body And Brain To Work Together Efficiently And Automatically.

  • We like to say developmental phases are like the bricks in a wall.
  • Each level is built on the previous one.
  • Any problems with the foundation will create “gaps” in the wall. And just like with a regular wall, gaps create instability and problems higher up.
  • The CoordiChild program fills in the gaps in your child’s wall, ensuring they have a complete, unshakable foundation and strong bricks the whole way up.
  • Your child can start at Level 1 with this program, no matter how old they are (even teenagers benefit!).

  Level 1 Sensory Processing
  Level 2 Sensory Motor Skills
  Level 3 Brain Bridging
  Level 4 Laterality
  Level 5 Posture & Balance
  Level 6 Praxis
  Level 7 Perceptual Motor
  Level 8 Applied Sensory and Motor Skills

They Repeat These Exercises Once A Day For Just 15 Minutes,

And Before It Becomes Boring, There’s A New Set!

So It’s Always Fresh And Exciting.

Doing These Exercises Creates New, Permanent Brain Pathways In Your Child.

How Does The CoordiChild Program Work?

We’ve taken the exercises we use in therapy, adapted them for the home environment, and packaged them into fun, easy to follow instructional videos that you watch in your own Member Area on

Upon purchase, you get instant acces to the first exercise and can get started right away. Then each fortnight you receive a new exercise (together with equipment list, progress checklist, tips and hints).

We recommend you do the exercise for five consecutive days, then give your child two days rest to give their brain the opportunity to “cement” the new structures. Repeat the activity again for five days, rest another two and then the next activity will arrive!

Note: The whole family can enjoy these exercises! You may need to guide or help your child with some of the exercises. This in turn encourages a good relationship, allows you to have fun together, and helps you gain a better understanding of your child’s underlying issues.

What changes you can expect to see?

Parents Have Often Been Amazed By The Positive Changes In
Their Children After A Number Of Sessions In Therapy. At The End
Of The Program Your Child Should Be Confident In Most
Movement Activities

  • Sensory motor skills, which will improve concentration, as well as the ability to sit still, complete tasks, and follow instructions
  • Motor planning skills, minimising the effects of dyspraxia
  • Social interaction, self-esteem and self-confidence, making them happy and well-rounded
  • Specifically you may notice:
  • Their balance is well established
  • They show good coordination in sport
  • Their basic spatial and perceptual concepts should be developed well
  • They have a sound concept of left and right, spatial orientation, sequencing and motor planning
  • An improvement in activities that rely on fine motor skills, e.g. cutting with scissors
  • Their organization and planning skills are much better

Of Course The Best Results Are Obtained When Parents Are Actively Involved To Encourage Optimal Development.

Are The CoordiChild Staff Qualified And Highly Trained?

Yes! CoordiChild Was Developed By Experienced Occupational Therapists With Over 47 Years Combined Experience.

Marga Grey (MSc OT) is an occupational therapist with 37 years experience with children exhibiting the above-mentioned problems specifically.

She was in private practice in South Africa for 20+ years, specialising in sensory integration therapy before migrating to Australia seven years ago. She has since worked in both private and public settings in Brisbane, including as Clinical Educator at Queensland University.

Marga developed the occupational therapy department at Tyack Health (the largest multi-disciplinary practice in Australia) and is currently Head of Occupational Therapy there. This department focuses on paediatrics and addresses sensory processing issues in children, including problems with sensory motor skills.

She also initiated and coordinates Bayside SPD Professional Interest Group, an organisation providing interaction and learning experiences for professionals of all disciplines interested in Sensory Processing Disorder, including sensory motor skills.

Lindy Thompson (BAppSc(HMS). MO) graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science (Human Movement Studies) and a Masters in Occupational Therapy

Since graduating Lindy has worked in private practices specialising in Paediatrics, both in Australia and South Africa, as well as for Autism Queensland, a large community based organisation enriching the lives of people living with an ASD. She is currently involved in clinical practice at Tyack Health, a large multidisciplinary practice in Brisbane.

Lindy is passionate about human movement and the effect movement has on living a functional, independent, meaningful life. Her special interest lies in working with children and families who are dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder, saying “There is nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than watching a child becomes the person they are meant to be – happy, confident and able to achieve their own personal goals.”

What is the next step?

If You Feel CoordiKids Is For You, Simply Choose From One Of The Two Options Below
And Get Ready To See Wonderful Improvements In Your Child!

Development Phases 8 Levels 8 Levels
Total Number Of Exercises 218 218
Access To Excercises Access to a new set of Exercises Every 2 weeks Immediate access to all exercises
Webinars 4 4
Program Cost USD$49/Month for 12 Months $USD495
Exercise Access Period 3 Years 3 Years
15min Free Consultation With OT 3 3
Price Savings $0.00 $USD93

Your initial charge will be $49. You will then be
charged $49 per month for the next 11 months.
You will pay a one time payment of $495 via paypal.

Are you worried about how your child will cope in school and later in adult life?

Are you worried you don’t know what to do to help your child and where they can find help?

Too many children do not get the chance to reach their full developmental potential because they did not optimally develop their sensory motor skills. The consequences are serious.

There is nothing wrong with your parenting skills – so take a deep breath and relax

The Good News is we’re Not Stuck With That……….We can change the neuro-pathways of the brain

The latest research indicates how exercise can contribute to the building of new pathways to develop many skills not traditionally linked to exercise, such as problem solving, memory and many others.

With our support, your child will learn important skills and develop confidence in his own abilities. We follow the natural neurodevelopment to make sure your child has a solid foundation from where he can learn.

Watch your child make huge leaps with their learning and rapidly transform into confident, capable young adults, ready to take on the opportunities available to them.

There is no price that a parent can put on that sort of outcome for their child.

The long term benefit of building a solid foundation that gives your child the best possible chance in life far outweighs any short term costs and is infinitely better than trying to add levels to a wall that is riddled with empty spaces.

Our experience makes it easy to pick up where there are gaps and we stimulate them in the right way to ensure the child is ready to learn.

Some therapies are expensive so we’ve developed a program with all the exercises to make it easy for parents at home starting with sensory phases and basic movement skills building your child up for the next stages of the program and the many challenges of your child’s daily life.

“We wanted to make it easy for you”.

This will benefit any child, they can practice skills they already have and gain new skills to leave them with a strong foundation to learn and to develop.

The most loving thing you can do for your child is to give them your undivided attention for 15 minutes every day.

CoordiChild makes it easy to spend time with your child while having fun, learning and developing. The exercises you do together benefit them at intellectual and physical levels and provides that precious connection that is so lacking in today’s busy lifestyle.

Imagine being supportive, encouraging, available and loving all at once while you know your child is developing important skills.

With Over 50 Years of Combined Experience, The Coordichild Foundational Program Is Breaking Down The Learning Barriers In Not Only The Home But has Also Been Adapted To Be Used By Teachers

We compiled the Foundational Program with levels that follow on each other to ensure that your child is well developed before embarking on the more challenging tasks of planning, ideation and working memory.

Marga Has Been Using The Same Therapeutic Principals For Most Of The 35 Years Of Her Career With Hundreds Of Success Stories Of Children Flourishing After Being Involved In Therapy.

Marga Grey Has Unmatched Insight Into Childhood Behaviours

Marga Grey Has Unmatched Insight Into Childhood Behaviours

If you are able to check yes to more than three of the following boxes, your child would benefit from the CoordiChild – program.

  • Signs of premature fatigue or tiredness
  • Issues coping with noise and/or busy environments such as shopping malls or sporting events
  • High levels of activity, always “on the go”
  • Signs of being a picky eater
  • Mouthing non-food objects (e.g. chewing pencil / chewing collar / sucking fingers)
  • Preference for certain clothing textures and/or reluctance to wear particular textures
  • Difficulty coping with strong smells
  • Difficulty coping with seams in socks / tags in clothing
  • Often appears not to be listening to instructions and/or has difficulty following verbal instructions or directions
  • Frequently adjusts clothing as if uncomfortable, prefers to go without clothing, and/or under or overdresses for the temperature
  • Appears clumsy or uncoordinated when participating in activities such as walking, running, jumping
  • May fall over own feet
Your initial charge will be $49. You will then be
charged $49 per month for the next 11 months.
You will pay a one time payment of $495 via paypal.

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